1005 Behavior

Chesapeake Public Library Code of Conduct
Effective Date: February 1, 2019


To provide a safe and comfortable library environment for patrons and staff.

The Chesapeake Public Library strives to maintain a safe and secure facility for patrons and staff, free from distractions and/or behavior that could threaten the safety and enjoyment of others. It is up to all patrons and staff to monitor their own behaviors to ensure Library facilities are welcoming to all individuals. The Library reserves the right to restrict patron use if the Library's Code of Conduct is violated.

Chesapeake Public Library patrons should expect courteous and respectful treatment in all interactions with staff and are asked to provide that same level of courtesy to staff members in return.

While on Library premises, including the area and grounds surrounding the facilities, individuals are expected to refrain from activities that would disturb or impede on the rights of those around them, including, but not limited to:

  • Soliciting individuals for any purposes not sanctioned by the Library or the City
  • Obstructing the passage of others;
  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol or possessing drugs or alcohol (not related to alcohol purchased for the purposes of an event sanctioned by the City)
  • Trespassing after Library operating hours
  • Carrying a weapon, excluding those covered under permit or other applicable laws
  • Using obscene or abusive language
  • Attire that does not adequately cover to the extent that it could present a health hazard, or be considered pornographic
  • Destroying or defacing Library property
  • Harassing, following or stalking Library patrons or staff
  • Bringing animals into the building, except for use in Library events, law enforcement animals or those covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Engaging in or attempting to entice others into any sexual acts or exposing oneself
  • Smoking near Library entrances or in Library facilities
  • Any activity that presents a biohazard to staff or others

Persons using the Library should be aware of those around them and keep the volume of their conversations and/or media usage to a level respectful of others using the facilities.

Guardians are expected to communicate Library behavioral expectations and monitor the behavior and activities of minors using Library facilities. 

Minors using the Library can be subject to the same consequences of adult patrons, especially behavior that can be interpreted as dangerous or abusive.

Illegal activity or activity that threatens the safety of others, including verbal threats, will result in the police being notified and immediate removal from Library premises. Behavior that poses a direct threat to the safety of others will result in a permanent ban from Library facilities.

Individuals who violate the Library Code of Conduct may be subject to the Library's One-day, One-Month, or Six-Month suspensions as determined by Library staff and Library Administration.