1018 Art Exhibit & Displays

Policy Number 1018
Effective Date: February 1, 2019
Subject: Art Exhibit and Displays


To provide a consistent process for selecting and displaying materials curated by the public for the Library.

As an educational venue, Chesapeake Public Library embraces the opportunity to showcase a broad spectrum of carefully curated, thought-provoking materials. Through each display, the Library encourages community-wide exploration of artifacts as wells as the ideas and issues that inspired them.

The Art, Exhibits and Displays form is open to all artists and curators. Applicants must submit representative samples of their work, a biography and statement concerning the exhibit.

The decision to approve an exhibit will be based on artistic quality, display space and appropriateness to a library setting. The Library Manager will make the final determination on inclusion and placement of display materials.

Upon approval of the exhibit, the exhibitor will make arrangements with the Library Manager or designee to deliver and claim display materials. All materials must be display-ready upon arrival at the Library. The Library reserves the right to reject, remove or relocate displayed items as needed. All materials submitted as a curated collection must remain on display for the duration of the exhibit, including items that have been sold.

The exhibitor is responsible for insuring displayed materials. Chesapeake Public Library is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen materials.

The Library does not conduct financial transactions on behalf of artists or exhibitors. Contact information may be displayed for interested buyers.

The Library may share information about current and upcoming exhibits and curators online and in print. The Library reserves the right to photograph materials displayed in the Library for promotional purposes.

Excluding the aforementioned displays, due to space limitations, only Library and City of Chesapeake information can be displayed or handed out. Community partners wishing to have information displayed must submit information to the Public Information Coordinator.

Access the Art, Exhibit and Displays form.