POLICY #1001
UPDATED: June 26, 2020

PURPOSE: To detail card type, renewal, loan limits as well as fines and fees associated with application and renewal requirements for the Chesapeake Public Library (CPL) cards.

A CPL Card allows card owners to check out books, music, movies and more from all locations in Chesapeake. At chesapeakelibrary.org, card owners can access digital materials and online resources twenty-four (24) hours a day.
Individuals are limited to one (1) CPL card type per person. Library cards are issued until fifteen (15) minutes before closing; exceptions may be made by Library staff.
Applicants of all ages must be physically present to receive a traditional library card. However, applicants may receive e-cards over the phone..

Verification: Traditional library cards and youth cards will be issued to eligible applicants upon completion of library card application and presentation of government-issued identification. E-cards will not require identification.

Types of Cards:

Traditional Library Cards

Traditional Library Cards- Traditional library cards require in-person presentation of a government-issued identification with no previous CPL card on record. Patrons under 16 years of age must have a guardian present to receive a traditional library card.
Loan Limits: 30 Items
Three (3) week loan period for materials in the general collection: books, magazines, DVDs, music CDs, books on CD, books on MP3, etc. Five (5) video games may be borrowed at one time. Loan periods for holidays, scheduled Library closures and inclement weather are globally adjusted. Book drops are available twenty-four (24) hours a day. (Library staff make every effort to process book drops in a timely manner, but it is the responsibility of the patron to ensure the materials are returned properly. Leaving materials outside the book drop does not ensure proper return.)
Item Renewal: Items may be renewed a max of two (2) times, unless item is on hold for another patron or in a special collection such as the Lucky Day collection. Accounts with balances of $10.00 or more and/or accounts with a fine amount more than ninety (90) days old are blocked from renewing materials online.Holds: 15 items at one timeFines and Fees: .20 per day, max item overdue fines 3.00. Fines begin to accrue once the item is overdue. If items are renewed when overdue, the account holder will owe fines for the period of time between the original due date and the day of renewal. (ILL fees are based on lending libraries and not subject to the same fine schedule or limit.)

Youth Cards

Youth cards may be issued at library branches to anyone under 18 years of age.
Loan Limits: 5 Items
Loan Period: Three (3) week loan period for materials in the general collection: books, magazines, DVDs, music CDs, books on CD, books on MP3, etc. One (1) video game may be borrowed at one time. Loan periods for holidays, scheduled Library closures and inclement weather are globally adjusted. Book drops are available twenty-four (24) hours a day. (Library staff make every effort to process book drops in a timely manner, but it is the responsibility of the patron to ensure the materials are returned properly. Leaving materials outside the book drop does not ensure proper return.)
Item Renewal: Items may be renewed a max of two (2) times, unless item is on hold for another patron or in a special collection such as the Lucky Day collection. Accounts with overdue or lost items are blocked from renewing materials online.
Holds: 5 items at one time
Fines and Fees: Youth cards will not be charged overdue fees, but will be subject to lost item charges. Youth cards will go into blocked status, rendering card holders unable to check out further library materials, until accounts are cleared of overdue items.


E-cards are available without identification. Patrons may be issued e-cards that will allow access to digital materials and online resources by visiting or calling any library branch, and presenting their name and date of birth to Library staff.
E-cards are for online materials and databases only. Some services not applicable:
Loan Limits
Item Renewal
Fines and Fees

Business Cards

Licensed or non-profit groups, including daycares and classrooms, are eligible for Business Cards. Business Cards require the personal information of two (2) representatives who will assume fiscal responsibility for borrowed items.
Loan Limits- 30 items
Loan Period: Five (5) week loan period for materials in the general collection: books, magazines, DVDs, music CDs, books on CD, books on MP3, etc. Five (5) video games may be borrowed at one time. Loan periods for holidays, scheduled Library closures and inclement weather are globally adjusted. Book drops are available twenty-four (24) hours a day. (Library staff make every effort to process book drops in a timely manner, but it is the responsibility of the patron to ensure the materials are returned properly. Leaving materials outside the book drop does not ensure proper return.)
Holds- 15 items at one time
Fines and Fees- Business Cards will not be charged overdue fines, but will be subject to lost item charges.


Card owners, legal guardians and parents are responsible for payment of fines and fees for overdue items, interlibrary loan fees, lost, damaged or stolen materials. In the event a card is stolen and material is checked out and not returned, the card owner is responsible for the payment of those materials, unless a Police Report has been filed and is provided to Library staff. It is the responsibility of card owners to alert the Library if a card has been stolen.


In order to ensure Library records remain accurate, card owners are required to renew their library card privilege every year. In order to update the patron’s account in the computer, patrons must call or come in and confirm Library records are correct. Any change in patron information by library staff requires an in-person library visit with proof of requested change.
It is the responsibility of the account holder to update their information; failure to do so does not exempt them from fees or fines accrued on their account.
A library card and PIN (Personal Identification Number) or a valid photo ID are required to access library accounts, check out materials, place materials on hold, and use public computers. Only those patrons whose name appear on the account or have established a relationship in the system are able to access materials.

POLICY #1002

PURPOSE: To detail fines, fees, notices, bills, payment processes and collection of accounts.


Charges for overdue items are detailed under Library Card Policy 1001


Material is considered lost when: it is 30 days overdue or a patron loses Library material, and notifies the Library. Account holders are charged the full replacement cost of the item. The replacement cost for an item is the single price listed on the item record.

  • The Library cannot accept replacements in lieu of payment.
  • If Library material is found within 30 days of payment, the patron can return the material for assessment, and apply for a refund.
  • The Library cannot accept the return of items declared lost on accounts that have been sent to the City of Chesapeake Treasurer for collections, and have been assessed a $30.00 non-refundable processing fee by the City Treasurer.


Missing items are items returned without all the pieces associated with that item. This includes but is not limited to: a DVD or CD case returned without all its discs or booklets, Read-along kits returned without accompanying material, books returned without accompanying material. If items are not returned within 14 days of notification, the item will be assessed fees, and entered into the normal billing cycle. Items will accrue overdue fees in accordance with regular library policies, until all items are returned.


In order to recover money needed for the repair or replacement of damaged library material, a non-refundable damage fee will be assessed, and patrons will be charged for damaged items returned to the Library in a state rendering material unusable by other patrons. Patrons will be notified about the charge via mail or email. An item is considered damaged when it is unable to circulate because of poor condition. Damage includes but is not limited to: soiling, liquids, personalization, graffiti, markings, negligence, destruction or abuse. Items exhibiting wear and tear from regular use and/or cosmetic imperfections may still be in circulation per Library staff discretion; those characteristics may be noted on the item’s record. Damaged items will remain available for inspection by the patron for 30 days.



Pre-Due Notice (3 days before item due date) 

One Day Overdue Notice (1 day after due date) 

Seven Days Overdue Notice (7 days after due date) 

Fourteen Days Overdue Notice (14 days after due date) 

Thirty Days Overdue/Item Assumed Lost (30 days after due date)

First Bill (60 days after due date)

Final Bill (90 days after due date) 

Collections (120 days after due date) 

For accounts with fines not qualifying as Lost Assumed, the Library pursues the collection of balances owed through monthly notices.



Traditional and Business Cards with balances of $10.00 or more and Youth Cards with overdue materials will be placed in blocked status. Blocked accounts are prohibited from checking out or renewing Library materials.


Accounts with lost item balances greater than $200.00 and more than one hundred-fifty (150) days old will be charged a non-refundable $30.00 administrative fee, and are pursuant to collection by the City Treasurer.

  • Once an account is in the City Treasurer’s collection process, no further action can be taken by the Library including: setting up Library Payment Plans, accepting overdue items or payments, the waiving of any charges, or offering a claims-returned procedure.
  • Payment on accounts in Treasurer are made to the City of Chesapeake Treasurer. Payment information for the City Treasurer can be found online at cityofchesapeake.net.
  • Payments can be made online or in person at any City of Chesapeake Treasurer’s Office.
  • The Treasurer processes eligible delinquent accounts weekly.
  • The Treasurer may assess a tax lien.
    • A copy of the lien is mailed to the account holder or legal guardian one (1) week prior to mailing a copy of the lien to the account holder’s employer. The account holder has seven (7) days to pay the Library fees in full or to make payment arrangements with the Treasurer’s Office. Payment arrangements may be made to pay the account in installments prior to the lien being mailed to the employer.
    • If the account is not paid, the Treasurer sends the tax lien to the account holder’s employer. When the account is paid in full, the Treasurer’s Office will send a release to the employer, update the account in the Library database, and delete Debt Set Off (DSO) claims, if applicable.
  • The Treasurer may issue a Distress Warrant on fees that cannot be collected through a tax lien.
  • Each December, the Treasurer reports outstanding debt to the Virginia Department of Taxation.


All accounts, with the exception of accounts in Treasurer status, can be paid in one of the following ways.

  • ONLINE- Debit and credit card payments may be made at chesapeakelibrary.org with either debit or credit card.
  • IN PERSON- Payments may be made at any Chesapeake Public Library location with cash, personal check, money order, debit or credit card.
  • IN PERSON- Payments may be made at any Chesapeake Public Library location with cash, personal check, money order, debit or credit card. 

Chesapeake Public Library
Attn: Circulation Department
298 Cedar Road
Chesapeake, VA 23322

Checks are accepted for the exact amount only and must include: name, complete address, telephone number and driver’s license number.

Checks must be made payable to “Chesapeake Public Library” or “City of Chesapeake”.

  • PAYMENT PLANS: Account holders with balances not in Treasurer status may be eligible for a Payment Plan. A Payment Plan may be arranged by a Circulation Supervisor, Library Manager or Designee.
    • Payment plan patrons may not check out Library materials.
    • Balances must be paid in full within 12 calendar months.


Patrons may request reimbursement for payments made for lost items when the items have been found by the patron and returned to the Library.  

  • The account holder has thirty (30) days after initial payment to initiate a claim. 
  • Damaged item cannot be accepted for reimbursement. 
  • Substitutions do not qualify for reimbursement.  
  • The item must be returned in person to a staff member at any Chesapeake Library location. 
  • Account holders are responsible for any overdue fines that may have accrued prior to paying for the lost item. 
  • There are no reimbursements for payments made to the City of Chesapeake Treasurer’s Office for lost items. 

POLICY #1003

PURPOSE: To make additional materials available to library cardholders by borrowing from other libraries.


  • CPL cardholders with accounts in good standing are eligible to request ILL items. 
  • ILL requests can be made in person or online at chesapeakelibrary.org 
  • Five (5) ILL requests and/or checked out items may be active at one time.  
  • Lending periods and renewals are determined by the lending institution. 
  • Fees will be charged for any costs assessed by obtaining ILL items, including postage fees charged by the lending institution. Patrons are responsible for fees whether or not they check out the requested item. Fees are paid upon presentation of ILL to patron.
  • A patron who fails to pick up three (3) filed requests will have requests suspended.  
  • Some materials, such as new releases, audiovisual materials, genealogical items, microfilm, reference and research materials may not be available through ILL.   
  • ILL items returned after the due date are charged an overdue fine of .50 per day.
  • Patrons are charged replacement costs for ILL items determined by the lending library.

POLICY #1004
UPDATED: JUNE 25, 2020

PURPOSE: To provide patrons with an opportunity to reserve materials that are currently checked out.


Holds may be placed on appropriate CPL materials by going online or through interaction with a staff member.
Holds are filled in the order in which they are received, and will be held for three (3) days after notification.
Holds are limited to fifteen (15) by traditional and business cards and five (5) for youth cards.
State and federal government documents, reference materials, professional materials, materials from the History Room, and materials from the Law Library may not be reserved by the general public.
Holds may only be placed by patrons whose cards are in good standing.


PURPOSE: To provide a safe and comfortable library environment for patrons and staff.

The Chesapeake Public Library strives to maintain a safe and secure facility for patrons and staff, free from distractions and/or behavior that could threaten the safety and enjoyment of others. It is up to all patrons and staff to monitor their own behaviors to ensure Library facilities are welcoming to all individuals. The Library reserves the right to restrict patron use if the Library’s Code of Conduct is violated.
Chesapeake Public Library patrons should expect courteous and respectful treatment in all interactions with staff and are asked to provide that same level of courtesy to staff members in return.
While on Library premises, including the area and grounds surrounding the facilities, individuals are expected to refrain from activities that would disturb or impede on the rights of those around them, including, but not limited to:

  • Soliciting individuals for any purposes not sanctioned by the Library or the City
  • Obstructing the passage of others;
  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol or possessing drugs or alcohol (not related to alcohol purchased for the purposes of an event sanctioned by the City)
  • Trespassing after Library operating hours
  • Carrying a weapon, excluding those covered under permit or other applicable laws
  • Using obscene or abusive language
  • Attire that does not adequately cover to the extent that it could present a health hazard, or be considered pornographic
  • Destroying or defacing Library property
  • Harassing, following or stalking Library patrons or staff
  • Bringing animals into the building, except for use in Library events, law enforcement animals or those covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Engaging in or attempting to entice others into any sexual acts or exposing oneself
  • Smoking near Library entrances or in Library facilities
  • Any activity that presents a biohazard to staff or others

Persons using the Library should be aware of those around them and keep the volume of their conversations and/or media usage to a level respectful of others using the facilities.
Guardians are expected to communicate Library behavioral expectations and monitor the behavior and activities of minors using Library facilities. Minors using the Library can be subject to the same consequences of adult patrons, especially behavior that can be interpreted as dangerous or abusive.
Illegal activity or activity that threatens the safety of others, including verbal threats, will result in the police being notified and immediate removal from Library premises. Behavior that poses a direct threat to the safety of others will result in a permanent ban from Library facilities.
Individuals who violate the Library Code of Conduct may be subject to the Library’s One-day, One-Month, or Six-Month suspensions as determined by Library staff and Library Administration.

POLICY #1006

PURPOSE: To establish guidelines related to the presence of animals in the Chesapeake Public Library and on Library premises.

To prevent possible damage to library facilities and property, and possible injury to library users and staff, animals (as defined in 3.2-6500 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended) are only permitted in the Chesapeake Public Library in the following circumstances:

  • Service animals in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act and accompanying regulations.
    • In situations where it is not obvious that the animal is a service animal, staff may ask two specific questions:
      • Is the animal a service animal, and
      • What work or task has the animal been trained to perform?
    • Staff are not allowed to request any documentation for the animal, require that the animal demonstrate the task, or inquire about the nature of the person’s disability.
  • Use or exhibition for library programming, as determined and approved by the Library Director or designee.
    • The Director will make the final decisions in regards to animals used for library programs.
  • Animals on Chesapeake Public Library premises must be under the immediate control of their handlers. Animals must be properly restrained by harness, leash, or tether and must not infringe on another patron’s ability to use the Library. This includes:
    • Obstructing library entrances and exits
    • Molesting passersby
    • Barking, growling, jumping, scratching, or biting
  • Handlers are expected to clean up after their animals while the animal is on Library premises.


  • Service animals are defined as dogs and miniature horses that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.
    • Examples of such work or tasks include:
      • Guiding people who are visually impaired
      • Alerting people who are hearing impaired
      • Pulling a wheelchair
      • Alerting and protecting a person who is having a seizure
      • Reminding a person with mental illness to take prescribed medications
      • Calming a person with PTSD during an anxiety attack
    • Service animals are working animals, not pets
    • The work or task an animal has been trained to provide must be directly related to a person’s disability.
    • Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under ADA.


  • A service animal must be under the control of its handler.
  • A harness, leash or other tether should be used unless a disability prevents the handler from use of a harness, leash, or tether, or it would interfere with the work of the service animal. In such cases, voice control, signals, etc. must be used.
  • The Library may request that a service animal be removed from the facility, and further deny access, if the animal is out of control and the handler cannot regain control of the animal, or if the animal is not housebroken. However, the person may return to the Library without the service animal.

    POLICY #1007

    PURPOSE: To establish guidelines for Internet use by all Chesapeake Public Library users. p>


    Internet access is available in all Chesapeake Public Libraries. All users are expected to use this resource in a responsible manner, conscious of the others using the computers around them. Use of Internet access provided by the Library to send, receive or display inappropriate materials, defined as text or graphics which may reasonably be construed as obscene, is prohibited. Patrons exhibiting such behavior may be given a verbal warning or asked to leave, depending on the severity of the offense. Repeat offenders will be banned from using the Library for up to six-months at the discretion of Library Administration. Patrons are required to acknowledge the Library Internet policies posted with the login of a computer. In compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), all computers are filtered. Patrons 18 and older can request a bypass of the filter for bona fide research purposes to be determined by Library staff.
    Electronic resources are not to be used for illegal purposes. Any use of computers and/or the Internet that interferes with the activities of the Library or its network, or is in violation of the laws regulations, and ordinances of the United States of America, the Commonwealth of Virginia and/or the City of Chesapeake, is strictly prohibited. Examples of such include, but are not limited to: harassment, libel, destruction of equipment or software, disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications, or unauthorized copying of copyright protected materials.
    Violations of any U.S., Virginia, or local laws or statutes, including but not limited to the following, can lead to prosecution:

    USC Title 18 Chapter 110 regarding the Sexual Exploitation and other Abuse of Children
    USC Title 18 Chapter 71 Sections 1465-1468 regarding Distribution of Obscene Materials
    Code of Virginia Title 18.2 Chapter 8 Article 5 regarding Obscenity and Related Offenses
    Code of Virginia Title 18.2 Chapter 8 Article 6 regarding Juveniles
    The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986
    Credit Card Fraud Act of 1984
    The Electronic Communications Privacy Act
    The Virginia Computer Crimes Act
    The U.S. Copyright Act

    Patrons are required to use their library card number and personal identification number (PIN) when registering for public computer use. Patrons who do not have a library card may request a guest pass or apply for an e-card. Guest users are allowed one pass per day for two sessions. Guest passes are subject to the same policies as a library cardholder with the exception of the number of sessions per day.
    Patrons or guardians are responsible for the information selected or accessed by their children. Guardians are strongly advised to remain with their children while they use the public computers. Patrons 17 and under can obtain a guest pass at the Library Manager’s discretion without a photo ID.
    Due to space constraints, there is a limit of two patrons at each computer station.
    Availability is managed by a first-come, first-served system for two hour blocks of time for computer stations. Four blocks are allowed per day with a library card. Time extension, during a session, may be provided at the discretion of the Library staff.
    All printing and downloading must be completed within the allotted time. There is a per page charge for printouts from the public computers.
    The Library is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal devices.
    Stand-up email stations with a 15-minute time limits are provided as a courtesy to all patrons, and can be accessed without a library card by signing in as a guest.

    POLICY #1008

    PURPOSE: To ensure responsible handing of library equipment and to provide a comfortable environment for all patrons while making use of technology and other library equipment.


    Use of limited Library equipment, i.e. fax, copiers, is limited to 15 minutes if others are waiting.

    Copiers – Copiers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Copies are .20 per page for black and white and .35 per page for color.

    Computers - Computers are available for all patrons with a CPL card or with a guest pass.

    • Patrons can log in with their card or request a guest pass at any service desk.
    • Patrons may use the computer for two hour increments with a maximum of four logins per day.
    • If no one is waiting, patrons may sign up for back-to-back computer sessions.
    • Staff can provide assistance with machines, but do not provide in-depth instruction.
    • Printing charges are the same as copier fees.

    Typewriters - Typewriters are available at some Library locations. Reservations are encouraged. Arriving fifteen minutes after a reservation may result in a cancellation, and time limits may be imposed, if other patrons need to use the typewriter. Patrons must bring their own supplies.

    Microfilm/fiche Readers - Central Library provides microfilm/fiche readers/printers. Staff will provide instruction on use. Copy fees are the same rates as copier fees.

    Audiovisual Equipment - AV equipment will not be checked out to the general public or to organizations for use outside the Library. Patrons are permitted in-house use of AV equipment when equipment and space are available. Equipment will be based on availability at each location. Patrons are encouraged to call in advance to ensure availability.

    Fax Machines - Fax machines are available at no cost for sending documents. Faxes cannot be sent internationally. Patrons cannot receive faxes at the Library.

    Personal Equipment - Patrons may use personal equipment in the Library, provided its use does not constitute a safety hazard or nuisance to other patrons or staff, and provided there is ample space for its use.

    • Equipment using sound, including phones, must be kept at a volume that does not disturb others, or headphones must be used. Phone conversations must be kept to a volume that does not disturb other patrons.
    • Equipment that requires special arrangements must be approved by the Library Manager.

    POLICY #1009

    PURPOSE: To ensure that the capabilities, responsibilities and limitations of Chesapeake Public Library’s Notary Public services are clear to staff and patrons.


    The Chesapeake Public Library offers free Notary Public services for the benefit of Library patrons. The Library provides these services in accordance with the Virginia Notary Public Manual which can be accessed via: https://www.commonwealth.virginia.gov/media/governorvirginiagov/secretary-of-the-commonwealth/pdf/2017-December-15-revised-Handbook-.pdf

    A Library Notary Public duties include:

    • taking acknowledgements,  
    • administering oaths and affirmations,  
    • certifying true copies of documents, except vital records and court-issued reports, 
    • certifying affidavits or depositions of witnesses, and 
    • performing other acts as permitted by law or CPL Notary Policy.

    A Notary Public is an impartial witness, and is prohibited from notarizing a document that has already been signed. 

    Notary Publics are prohibited from giving advice or instruction regarding documents to be notarized. 

    Notary Publics may decline to provide Notary service at their discretion.

    Documents that are declined by one Notary Public at the Library cannot be notarized by another Notary Public at the Library. 

    Documents must be original, unaltered and complete, minus signatures, before Notary service is requested. 

    Notary Publics are prohibited from pre-dating or post-dating. 

    Notary Publics are prohibited from completing or notarizing government Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification).

    General descriptions of documents notarized are kept for reference purposes. 

    The Notary Public must be able to read and understand the language in which the document is written. 

    Notary Publics must read each document thoroughly to ensure it meets notary requirements. 

    Notary Publics and the customer seeking notarization must be able to communicate directly without using translators or intermediaries. 

    Reservations are preferred to ensure availability. Notary Public services may not be available during lunch or on weekends due to staffing. Patrons are encouraged to call the specific Library location prior to arrival.

    Notary Publics are limited to notarizing three (3) simple documents per person, per day. 

    A simple document is defined as:  

    • A one (1) to two (2) page document with no more than two (2) signers, 
    • A document with no more than two (2) pages which need the notarial statement, and 
    • A document with clear indication as to where the signature should go

    The Library will not provide witnesses. Witnesses are defined as persons with direct knowledge of the signer. Soliciting witnesses from patrons using the Library is prohibited.

    Documents must be signed in the Notary Public’s presence. All signers must be present and provide current, unexpired, government-issued identification. 

    Notary Publics are prohibited from preparing documents to be notarized.

    Notary Publics at the Library will not notarize real estate transactions. 

    By law, Virginia Notary Publics are prohibited from certifying true copies of vital records such as birth, marriage, death and court-issued documents, regardless of country of origin. The Notary Public may notarize a written affidavit of a copy and witness the signature. The responsibility for the consent of the written affidavit belongs to the person requesting the notarization of the affidavit. The Library is prohibited from taking responsibility for notarized copies that are deemed unacceptable for their intended purpose. 

    Library staff may refer patrons to other Notary services.

    POLICY #1012

    PURPOSE: To increase awareness of Library programs and services as well as reaching underserved communities. Outreach services are provided by individual Library locations through the coordinated effort of the Outreach staff. Outreach Services strive to create consistency of programming across Chesapeake, strengthen existing partnerships, create new partnerships and increase visibility of Library services.

    Outreach services focus on six types of events:

    1. Early Literacy Classes
      1. To qualify Childcare Centers must be licensed and have at least 15 children ages 3-5 enrolled.
      2. Outreach will provide a maximum of 2 ELC-based Story-times, 15-20 minutes in length, once a month.
      3. Centers with Institutional cards can keep a collection of 30 charged items for up to 5 weeks.
      4. Theme books will be provided as available.
    2. Curriculum Enrichment Classes
      1. To qualify, locations must be a licensed private facility, school group or community organization that will have a minimum of 15 participants for a planned event.
      2. Events may be requested as a one-time event or a series as staff availability permits.
    3. MakerVan
      1. To qualify locations must be a licensed private facility, school group, City department or community organization that will have a minimum of 15 participants for a planned event.
      2. Events may be requested as a one-time event or a series as staff availability permits.
    4. Community Engagement Service
      1. The event must provide a service or enrichment to the citizens of Chesapeake.
        1. Free community events will take priority over ticketed events.
        2. Ticketed events cannot use the Library as part of their solicitation.
        3. Stops that are along current routes may be given priority.
      2. Sufficient staff and resources must be available.
      3. Locations should allow cellular equipment and other independent electronic equipment to operate consistently.
      4. Staff will coordinate to avoid duplication of services provided by other Library locations.
      5. There must be room to maneuver and park the MEs to provide service.
      6. Events will be evaluated on how they reflect on the mission of Outreach Services and the staffing and resources required to provide the service.

    Requests can be made through the following link:


    POLICY #1013

    PURPOSE: To provide volunteer services which are a means by which the Library extends and enhances services to customers. The Library has historically benefited from considerable voluntary donations of time and resources by individuals and groups. The purposes of the volunteer services program is to:

    1. Supplement the efforts of paid Library staff to meet demands for quality customer service;
    2. Serve as a method for patrons to become familiar with the Library;
    3. Provide an opportunity for patrons to volunteer and make positive contributions to their quality of life; and
    4. Provide teens an opportunity to develop skills transferable to an employment environment.

    POLICY: To provide volunteer services which are a means by which the Library extends and enhances services to customers. The Library has historically benefited from considerable voluntary donations of time and resources by individuals and groups. The purposes of the volunteer services program is to:

    The volunteer program is not intended to replace paid City positions, but rather will supplement the efforts of City employees in the delivery of services to our patrons. The Library will actively recruit, use and recognize the services of volunteers. Volunteers will be selected and placed in jobs that best meet the needs of the Library, the volunteers and the patrons.

    All volunteers 18 and older are required to have a State Criminal History Record (police) check. Volunteers will be subject to all applicable rules and regulations that govern paid employees. Library employees may not volunteer with the Library.

    Students leaving 8th grade may apply to volunteer individually through the Teen Volunteer Application. Younger students may volunteer as part of a group, but must provide their own adult supervision. One adult per eight children is required for group volunteers. Students leaving 5th grade may apply to volunteer individually through the Teen Advisory Group (TAG) Application.

    POLICY #1015

    PURPOSE: To ensure program and event creation and registration are uniform at all Chesapeake Public Library locations.


    All programs are open to the public and are free of charge. The Library reserves the right to establish age limits and target audiences.

    Costs may be incurred at the discretion of Library Administration for the following types of events:

    • Fundraising to benefit the Library or City, events sponsored by Friends of the Chesapeake Public Library, Chesapeake Library Board, Chesapeake Public Library Foundation or a pre-approved partner
    • Sale of books, CDs or merchandise by authors, performers or vendors as part of an approved program or event
    • Admission to cover the overhead associated with a special event

    Library staff who present programs or plan events do so as part of their job responsibilities, and serve as representatives of the City. No events shall be approved for commercial, religious or partisan purposes, or for the solicitation of private business resulting in personal profit on behalf of the staff or presenter, excluding those events that include vendor agreements.

    In developing events and delivering programs, Library staff and performers ensure programs retain the high quality expected from Chesapeake Public Library.

    Programs will be developed and evaluated based on the following criteria:

    • Support of the strategic plan
    • Budget and cost for the event
    • Space and equipment required
    • Community need
    • Connection to other community events
    • Presenter qualifications and event content

    Attendance for programs is on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration may be required for some programs. Publicity for programs will include information about registration. Registration may be required in advance or may be at the door. Only two registrations per person are allowed unless the patron is a parent with more than one child. To accommodate as many people as possible, patrons are encouraged to register at only one Library location for a program that is being offered at multiple locations. Patrons are encouraged to call the Library location if they are unable to attend the program for which they registered.

    Groups must call to register for programs. Failure of a group to arrive for a program at least ten minutes prior to the beginning of the program will result in giving the group’s reserved seats to others who are present.

    Future registration for programs may be denied for individuals or groups which habitually fail to provide prior notice when they are unable to attend programs for which they have registered.

    Responsibility for programs rest with the Director. However, Library events can be created and implemented by any Library staff with approval through Library managers. All programs will follow criteria set forth by Library policy and in cooperation with Youth and Family Services and Adult Service Coordinators.

    Patrons with concerns regarding Library programs can direct those queries to Library managers or Library Administration.

    Exceptions to the policy may be made at the discretion of Library Administration.

    POLICY #1016

    PURPOSE: To establish guidelines and regular procedures for receipt management and disposition of funds or other properties received by Chesapeake Public Library (CPL) as gifts.


    Chesapeake Public Library (CPL) accepts donations of books, DVDs, records, music CDs and other materials from individuals and organizations. Donated materials should be free of damage, mold, mildew, strong odors, bugs and be in good physical condition.

    Once accepted, donated materials become the property of CPL, and are not returnable. Donations may be added to the collection or given to Friends of the Library to further support the Library’s mission. The Library reserves the right to dispose of items unfit for use, sale or donation to partner organizations.

    Donated materials can be dropped off at any CPL location during regularly scheduled hours. Donors should make arrangements for large donations prior to arrival and provide individuals necessary to unload donations.

    A donation to the public library is tax deductible. For donor records, a Donation Tax Receipt is offered. The IRS code (see IRS Publication 561) places responsibility for estimating fair market value upon the donor.

    POLICY #1017

    PURPOSE: Chesapeake Public Library welcomes the opportunity to provide authors with space for meeting Library customers and to support the creative and literary expression of local writers.

    Author Visits

    Chesapeake Public Library hosts an annual event celebrating writers, writing and publishing. All authors are eligible to apply for space at this event. During the event, selected authors will be provided space, tables and chairs, and may display, sell and sign books. There is no fee for participation. Space is limited; authors are encouraged to apply early.

    Staff may invite authors to participate in a Chesapeake Public Library event during the event planning process. Solicitations by authors for event consideration will not be accepted.

    Authors who wish to host a private event, not solicited by the Library are encouraged to reserve Library meeting space. Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms may be booked by visiting infopeake.org Fees and other guidelines apply.

    Book Donations

    Chesapeake Public Library will review donated materials, but does not guarantee their inclusion in the collection. Donated items become the property of the Library and are not returned. The same inclusion and retention guidelines apply to all Library materials as listed in the Collection Policy. The Library reserves the right to exclude or remove any title for any reason. Items not included in the collection will be repurposed in accordance with our Gift Policy.

    POLICY #1018

    PURPOSE: To provide a consistent process for selecting and displaying materials curated by the public for the Library.

    As an educational venue, Chesapeake Public Library embraces the opportunity to showcase a broad spectrum of carefully curated, thought-provoking materials. Through each display, the Library encourages community-wide exploration of artifacts as wells as the ideas and issues that inspired them.

    The Art, Exhibits & Displays form is open to all artists and curators. Applicants must submit representative samples of their work, a biography and statement concerning the exhibit.

    The decision to approve an exhibit will be based on artistic quality, display space and appropriateness to a library setting. The Library Manager will make the final determination on inclusion and placement of display materials.

    Upon approval of the exhibit, the exhibitor will make arrangements with the Library Manager or designee to deliver and claim display materials. All materials must be display-ready upon arrival at the Library. The Library reserves the right to reject, remove or relocate displayed items as needed. All materials submitted as a curated collection must remain on display for the duration of the exhibit, including items that have been sold.

    The exhibitor is responsible for insuring displayed materials. Chesapeake Public Library is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen materials.

    The Library does not conduct financial transactions on behalf of artists or exhibitors. Contact information may be displayed for interested buyers.

    The Library may share information about current and upcoming exhibits and curators online and in print. The Library reserves the right to photograph materials displayed in the Library for promotional purposes.

    Excluding the aforementioned displays, due to space limitations, only Library and City of Chesapeake information can be displayed or handed out. Community partners wishing to have information displayed must submit information to the Public Information Coordinator.

    The Art, Exhibit & Displays form can be found by accessing the following link:


    POLICY #1019

    PURPOSE: To clarify guidelines and expectations for creating photo, video and audio records involving Chesapeake Public Library.

    Chesapeake Public Library is a public space open to all; photo, video and audio recordings are permitted as detailed below.

    Commercial Use:

    Chesapeake Public Library welcomes the opportunity to be featured in commercial productions. Any recordings intended for publication or promotional use require written permission from the Library Director. Chesapeake Public Library reserves the right to approve final content for anything in which the Library or its property will appear, either by name or visual representation. Upon approval of the request, fee and scheduling will be determined.

    Professional Use:

    Professional recordings are permitted provided the creation of such recordings does not infringe on the privacy of another patron, disrupt Library services, or block the flow of traffic.

    Media & Press Use:

    All public spaces are open to the media at all times. Notice of the intent to film is requested but not required.

    Unless notified in advance, staff must report the arrival of media at a library location to Library Administration, immediately.

    Personal Use:

    Patrons are encouraged to take photos and videos of the memories made at Chesapeake Public Library. By sharing content on Chesapeake Public Library’s Social Media pages, patrons grant the City of Chesapeake, including all its departments and agencies, a non-exclusive license to use, copy, store, republish, display, edit, modify or create derivative works of your photographs/videos in any form or medium, forever, without any further approval by you and without payment or consideration to you of any kind.

    Library Use:

    In order to report past and future experiences to patrons, Chesapeake Public Library staff and representatives may create recordings that include participants and Library visitors. The Library reserves the right to use these records in print and digital materials, as well as make them available to media outlets and event participants.

    All library patrons consent to the use of their likeness as described, unless they specifically inform staff of an objection to such use. To protect the privacy of individuals and children, individuals will not be identified using full names without written approval from the subject, parent or legal guardian.

    Prior to taking photos, staff will post the following notice to Library visitors:

    Smile! Chesapeake Public Library may take photos or recordings of Library visitors. These recordings help us show the community what the Library is doing. Individuals will not be identified using full names without written approval. If you prefer to not be photographed, please see a staff member.

    Staff will honor all reasonable requests by patrons to delete or remove images and recordings.

    POLICY #1020

    PURPOSE: To clarify the role of the Library in providing access to information on political topics.

    Chesapeake Public Library champions free access to information. The Library does not support or show bias toward any individual, candidate, party or philosophy. Chesapeake Public Library strives to provide credible resources and tools to foster an empowered, engaged community.

    Library Advocacy:

    Chesapeake Public Library may educate the public regarding Library legislation or any issue that may impact library services in the community or information regarding voter registration.

    Political Activity on City Property:

    Patrons with an intent to engage in political activity should review Chesapeake City Code, Section 46-16.

    POLICY #1021

    PURPOSE: To provide an unbiased repository for the recorded expression of thought and to ensure that materials representing all points of view are available to the public while maintaining proper reporting of and response to incidents or complaints about Library materials. 


    The Chesapeake Public Library will provide a representative selection of materials on subjects of interest to its users based on the collection development policies. 

    Items selected for inclusion in the collection do not necessarily represent an endorsement of any theory or point of view. The Library will exercise impartiality, and will select materials that represent a wide range of viewpoints as far as budget, space, and availability of materials will allow. 

    The CPL subscribes to the American Library Association’s positions on American Libraries, the Freedom to Read and the Freedom to View. 

    CPL acquires materials of both permanent and current interests in all subjects and genres, based upon the merits of a work in relation to the needs, interests, and demands of the community. The Library will attempt to represent all approaches to public issues of a controversial nature. CPL does not sanction particular beliefs or views, nor is the selection of any given item equivalent to an endorsement of the author’s viewpoint. If a scarcity of information in a particular subject area exists, materials in that area may be selected, even though it does not meet the usually applied standards. 

    Donations and suggestions for purchase are subject to the same evaluative criteria that are applied to purchased materials. 


    Though the Library does not sanction any particular beliefs or views, at times, patrons may find Library materials that they deem “inappropriate”. When a patron wishes to file a complaint about Library material in the Chesapeake Public Library System collection, they may fill out at “Citizen’s Request for Reconsideration of Library Material”. These forms are available at any public service desk at all Library locations. 

    The completed form will be submitted to the Library Director who will submit the material for review by a review committee comprised of various Library staff. 

    Patrons can request a copy of the Library’s decision six (6) weeks after a formal request is submitted.

    Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials

    Thank you for your comments. This request will be formally reviewed by Library staff. Upon request, the Library will respond to citizen requests for review in approximately 6 weeks.
    Title of Materials:______________________________________________________________________

    Author of Material:_____________________________________________________________________

    Have you read/viewed the material in its entirety? Yes __No __

    Are you aware of critical reviews and other comments concerning the materials? Yes __ No __

    What do you find objectionable about the material? Please cite specific passages, scenes and their relationship to the work as a whole. _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

    What impact do you feel this material will have on the public?
    _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

    What action are you requesting?
    ___Reclassification to another section of the library
    ___Removal from the collection

    Signature: ________________________________________________________Date:_______________

    Please tell us a little about yourself:




    Email Address:______________________________________________________________________

    Are you a Chesapeake Public Library Cardholder? Yes __ No__ 

    Library Card Number:_________________________________________________________________

    POLICY #1022
    EFFECTIVE DATE: MAY 24, 2021

    PURPOSE: This policy outlines how personal information of Chesapeake Public Library (“CPL”) customers will be collected in our systems and online, as well as how CPL responds to any government agency requests related to the USA Patriot Act.


    It is the policy of the CPL that personal information about you will be collected only to the extent necessary to provide the service or benefit desired; that only applicable information will be collected; that customers shall understand the reason the information is collected and be able to examine their personal record which is maintained by a public body.

    Gathering Personally-Identifying Information

    Certain visitors to the CPL website may choose to interact in ways that require CPL to gather personally-identifying information. The amount and type of information gathered depends on the nature of the interaction. In each case, the CPL collects such information only insofar as is necessary or appropriate to fulfill the purpose of the visitor's interaction. CPL does not disclose personally-identifying information other than as described below. Visitors can always refuse to supply personally-identifying information, with the caveat that it may prevent them from engaging in certain website-related activities.


    A cookie is a tiny piece of text that is placed on your computer's hard drive. If your browser is set to notify you before accepting a cookie, you will receive a request for a cookie to be stored on your computer. We do not use cookies to record any personal information. Cookies may be used by some web applications to pass needed information from one page to the next. We want to be sure you understand that accepting a cookie in no way gives us access to your computer or any personal information about you. We analyze user traffic patterns on our web portal from information automatically provided by your browser when you visit our site. We use the statistical information gathered to measure site and server performance and continually improve the content of our sites to better serve you.

    Google Analytics will create cookies on behalf of our domain to assist with analytical tracking.

    Embedded Content and Links

    Some pages on chesapeakelibrary.org may include embedded content (e.g. videos, images, articles, forms, etc.) Embedded content from other websites behaves in the exact same way as if the visitor has visited the other website. These websites may collect data about you, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking and monitor your interactions with the embedded content, including tracing your interaction with the embedded content if you have an account and are logged into that website. This policy applies only to our online activities and is valid for visitors to our website with regards to the information that they share and/or collect here. This policy is not applicable to any information collected offline or via channels other than this website.

    Our site has links to other sites you may find interesting or relevant. These sites may send their own cookies to your PC, collect data, or solicit personal information. The privacy policy described here does not ally to any external links. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of any site you visit, especially if you share any personal information.

    Third-Party Applications

    The CPL uses third-party applications in order to provide online transactions such as requesting a service, improve site performance, offer better service or make various transactions easier.

    Records Retention and Freedom of Information Act Laws

    Public records will be retained in accordance to records retention laws and provided to the public in accordance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”). Note that information you provide via this website may be kept and provided to the public.

    Privacy Policy Changes

    Although most changes are likely to be minor, CPL may change its Privacy Policy from time to time, at our discretion or to keep in compliance with updated rules and regulations. We encourage visitors to frequently check this page for any changes to the Privacy Policy.


    PThe USA Patriot Act expands law enforcement’s surveillance and investigative powers, and was signed into law on October 26, 2001. The CPL also subscribes to the values detailed in the American Library Association’s Right to Privacy affirmations.

    It is the policy of the CPL to comply with all Constitutional judicial processes while preserving patron confidentiality to the extent allowed by law. CPL will comply with court ordered subpoenas and warrants expeditiously, yet, at the same time, the CPL is charged to protect the privacy of its patrons as stipulated in Virginia’s confidentiality laws.

    CPL will not disclose to any individual, corporation, institution, government agent or agency confidential records without proper judicial process, defined as court ordered subpoenas and warrants. Confidentiality extends to “information sought or received, materials consulted, borrowed or acquired, and includes database search records, reference interviews, interlibrary loan records and all other personally identifiable uses of Library materials, facilities or services”.

    The CPL will seek legal advice on all court orders, and will ask that counsel be present before any search begins. It will follow subpoenas and warrants strictly to ensure that only the information requested is given.

    The CPL Director and Assistant Director are the only Library staff authorized to work with law enforcement, legal services or any other government organization requesting patron information. Parties requesting protected information need to contact Library Administration.


    Virginia Code- Confidentiality Law

    Virginia Freedom of Information Act, 2.2-3705

    POLICY #1023

    PURPOSE: To ensure Chesapeake Public Library users have equitable opportunity to connect and engage within the library’s physical spaces.


    1. Library sponsored events are given first priority in the use of library spaces.
    2. A library card is required in order to reserve a room at the library. Traditional cards are required for meeting and conference room reservations.
    3. The Library does not provide setup or housekeeping services. Organizations, groups or individuals using library spaces are responsible for returning the room to its original furniture arrangement and cleanliness condition. A dumpster is provided at all locations for disposal of trash. A vacuum cleaner is available at all locations for use in cleaning floors, if needed. Rooms must be cleaned and cleared 15 minutes prior to the closing of the library.
    4. Anyone using library spaces is expected to abide by the library’s Behavior Policy/Code of Conduct (#1005). Disruptive behavior on the part of anyone using library space, may result in immediate removal.
    5. The Library is not responsible for any personal belongings brought into the facility.
    6. Rooms are not available before the opening of the Library or after closing, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Library Manager.
    7. City and Library logos and branding cannot be used to convey support or sponsorship of private events. Library information can only be used for directional purposes.
    8. Groups may not exceed room’s authorized capacity.
    9. Responsible party must be onsite at all times during the reservation.
    10. Library staff reserve the right to inspect any library space at any time.
    11. Groups exceeding occupancy of any rooms will be asked to leave.

    Study Rooms:

    1. Study rooms may be reserved at no charge up to 24 hours in advance. Library card holders may book up to 2 study rooms per day.
    2. Rooms will be held for 15 minutes after start of reservation.
    3. Rooms may be reserved for 2 hours. If no one is waiting 30 minutes prior to the end of the reservation, the room reservation may be extended up to 2 hour increments.
    4. Personal items left in a study room after a reservation has expired may be removed by library staff. Library staff are not responsible for items removed or left in rooms unattended. See Lost and Found Policy (#1030) for additional information.

    Conference Rooms:

    1. Conference rooms may be reserved at no charge up to 180 days in advance with a valid traditional library card.
    2. No-shows who do not contact us to cancel will have future bookings cancelled. Bookings should be cancelled with 24 hours’ notice.
    3. Rooms may be reserved for up to 4 hours.

    Meeting/Community Rooms:

    1. Rooms may be reserved up to 180 days in advance and are free to City, State and Federal entities as well as library sponsored events.
    2. Patrons must be 18 years of age or older to make a reservation with a valid traditional library card.
    3. Payments not made within 7 business days of request will be canceled. Reservations are not considered complete until payments are made.
    4. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to reservation date to receive refunds.
    5. Setup and cleanup activities must be completed within the reserved rental time period. Rooms must be cleaned and cleared 15 minutes prior to closing.
    6. Rentals that go beyond the end time will be charged additional fees.
    7. The rental applicant is responsible for obtaining all applicable and required licenses, consents and permits. Reservations that conflict with City of Chesapeake Code of Ordinances will be denied.
    8. Library staff will not take registration fees or sell tickets for non-library sponsored events. Staff are not responsible for providing information about non-library sponsored events.
    9. Meeting room behavior that disturbs other patrons within the library or fails to abide by the Library’s Behavior policy (#1005) may have their event immediately canceled. It is the responsibility of the rental applicant to ensure proper compliance to all rules and regulations.
    10. Library property may not be removed from any meeting/community room.

    Room Décor and Housekeeping Regulations for all Library Spaces:

    1. Materials may not be stored in advance.
    2. No open flames are permitted at any time.
    3. No person shall paste, glue, tack or post any sign, placard, banner, advertisement or decorations on any wall or painted surface.
    4. All trash must be picked up and disposed of in trash bags. No trash should be left on the floor or countertops, and no food, drinks, ice bags or other items should be left in the refrigerator or cabinets.
    5. Wipe down tabletops, counters, chairs and appliances.
    6. Sweep and mop, if necessary.
    7. All décor and equipment that the Applicant or guests may bring in for the event must be removed from the premises by the end of the specified rental time.
    8. All cleanup must be completed during the time of rental and 15 minutes prior to library closing. Failure to satisfy all cleanup obligations may result in cancellation of future events or additional charges.
    9. Damage to library property or equipment, intentional or otherwise, including marks on tables, glitter, food or stains on carpets, paint removed through tape, etc. will result in the rental applicant being charged any and all repair fees.

    POLICY #1030

    PURPOSE: To ensure uniform handling of lost, found and unclaimed items.

    POLICY: Chesapeake Public Library is not responsible for the security of personal items brought into any library facility. Lost, found and unclaimed items are managed in accordance with the following guidelines:

    Food, Beverage and Personal Care Items:

    • Food and beverages, including baby bottles and other containers, and personal care items will be disposed of immediately.

    Identification, Credit/Bank, Membership and Library Cards:

    • Driver’s Licenses, Government and Military Issued IDs, Passports, Social Security cards, employee badges, membership and loyalty cards are kept in a secure location for 30 days.
      • Staff may attempt to contact the owner or to ascertain ownership, if possible.
      • Unclaimed items will be shredded or returned to the issuing authority if mandated.
    • Library Cards
      • Staff will attempt to contact the owner of the Library card. A note will be placed in the customer account regarding the lost card. Unclaimed cards will be expired and destroyed after 30 days.

    Keys, Wallets, Backpacks, Bags, Purses, Electronic Devices (including tablets, laptops), and Phones:

    • Items will be kept in a secure location.
    • Staff may search through contents or attempt to log in to devices in order to ascertain ownership, and if possible contact the customer. Search may be conducted by building supervisor or member of building leadership team.
    • Items unclaimed after 30 days will be transferred to Chesapeake Police Department when accepted.

    Flash Drives:

    • Flash drives left in the Library will be held for 30 days.
    • Library staff may access data saved on flash drives to determine ownership, and if determination is possible, attempt to contact customer. After 30 days, files will be deleted and flash drives repurposed.


    • Documents, including checks or money orders, left in Library copy machines, scanners, FAX machines, books, or in common areas will be kept in a secure location for 30 days then shredded.
      • Staff may attempt to contact the owner or to ascertain ownership.


    • After 7 days unclaimed books will be given to the Friends of Chesapeake Public Library Non-library books that were placed in book drops are assumed to have been donations and may be given without a wait to the Friends of the Chesapeake Public Library.
    • Books belonging to other libraries or institutions will be shipped directly to those institutions.


    • Found loose money of $19.99 or less will be deposited into the Library Donation account.
    • Found loose Money turned into staff in the amount of $20.00 or more will be transferred to the Chesapeake Police Department by Library staff on or after being held for 3 days. Customers can inquire with the Chesapeake Police Department Property and Evidence Unit about the claimed status of the money.

    Miscellaneous Items:

    • All other items such as umbrellas, hats, scarves, jackets, etc., will be stored in a secure location for 30 days. Staff may attempt to ascertain ownership of the items and contact when possible.
      • Staff have the discretion to immediately discard items which are soiled or unhygienic.
    • Items not claimed within 30 days become Library property and will then be donated or discarded.