R.I.S.E: Resilient, Impactful, Strong & Empowered

"We are not our brother's keeper; we are our brother and we are our sister. We must look past complexion and see community." - Maya Angelou

Check in throughout the month to explore and celebrate Black History Month.

Digging Deeper

Embark on virtual field trips, learn historical facts and engage in activities for each day of Black History Month.

Inspiring Words

Listen to words of inspiration, a locker room "real talk" session with the guys, cultural appreciation and more.

Wrapped in Love

Watch how soul food is expressed through love and cooking, with a new recipe each week.

Self Care

Support your well-being with digital resources on mindfulness. *All databases are freely accessible for anyone with a Chesapeake Public Library card. Don’t have a library card? Call your library to register for an e-card.

History Fun

Did you know? Carter G. Woodson, a prominent Black historian throughout the early 1900s, pioneered the celebration of Black history. In 1976, President Gerald Ford officially recognized February as Black History Month.

Reading Represents

Join us as we explore books that encourage kindness and embrace diversity. Let's expand our horizons, and see how we can all be similar while still unique.

Let's Craft

Craft wonderful works of art inspired by the books read during our Reading Represents storytimes. Kits with crafting supplies can be picked up through curbside service at your local library.

Reading Rockets

Through children's books, interviews with Black children's authors and illustrators, classroom activities, online history resources, and powerful documentaries, Reading Rockets celebrates the lives and contributions of African Americans.