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Creative Spaces

Discover your creative side. Pick a creative tool and learn how to use it. Watch certification videos. Once certified, meet with staff and reserve time to use a creative tool here at the Library.

Learner enrollment through Niche Academy with an email address will be required before viewing any of the training modules for Creative Spaces.

Please bring your own supplies.

Cricut machine

Cricut Machines

Watch these videos to learn how to use a Cricut machine to cut intricate designs easily in paper, vinyl or iron-on material, and apply them to the desired surface.

Sewing machine

Sewing Machines

Learn to use our sewing machines. After watching the videos, make an appointment to practice and demonstrate your skills to earn the sewing badge, allowing you to reserve sewing time.

Photography tools

Product Photography Tools

Take professional-quality photos of items you want to sell online. These videos will show you how to use the Library's photography tools to make your products look their best.

Video production equipment

Video Production Equipment

Watch our instructional lessons, to learn to use the quality video production tools and stage in our video studio, to create videos with that professional look.

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