The Gallery @ COIL aspires to increase accessibility to the arts and other culturally diverse experiences, creating spaces for all to find a voice in Chesapeake.

Meet the Artist

Best known as Poetry Jackson, LaJae Essence is a poet, art instructor, curator and visual artist, as well as the founder of Artkive Mural Group and the Public Relations Chair for the Visual Arts Advancement Collective. Her goal is to create work that stimulates dialogue about critical issues, builds bridges of connection and understanding, and empowers artists to be inspirational leaders.

Hue Are You? The ROY-G-BIV Series of Poetry Jackson

Delve into identity and spirituality with The Gallery @ COIL’s “Hue Are You? The ROY-G-BIV Series of Poetry Jackson.” This technicolor tour de force premieres Jackson’s latest installment of the series and features all 21 paintings in the collection.

Palettes & Poetry: Family Art Day

Pick up those brushes and get ready to create with featured artist Poetry Jackson. Register your parent/child combo for Family Art Day, geared toward children ages 5 and up.

Brushstrokes & Beats: Open Mic Night

Strut those sonnets and flex that free verse with featured artist Poetry Jackson’s Open Mic Night. Register to be a presenter.