Little Red Riding Hood

Grandma sick - Little Red Riding Hood takes goodies through woods - Wolf - Sly - Dressed up as Grandma - What big eyes - Better to see you - What big teeth - Better to eat you - Enter Woodcutter - Wolf no more - Grandma, Little Red safe



Make a secret code to help Little Red Riding Hood warn her grandma that the wolf is coming.


  • Paper
  • Pencil

Design a letter substitution code that can be carried through the tree tops from Little Red Riding Hood to her grandma’s cottage in the woods.

Design the code:

Write out the alphabet in a line, leaving room underneath it.

Pick a number from 1-26. Say 3.

From A count over 3 letters. This is the letter C. Write C under the A. Three over from B is D, write D under the B. Thee over from C is E. Write E under the C. And so on.

Write out your message. Substitute the message letters with the code letters.

The person who receives the code needs to know what the secret to the code is. How will you let them know? In our example, the secret is the number 3.

Design a delivery system. How will the message go through the tree tops to Grandma?


Woods at night scene

The woods between Little Red Riding Hood’s house and her grandma’s are a dark and scary place.


  • Black construction paper
  • Brown construction paper
  • Green acrylic or tempera paint
  • Circle sponge paint dabbers*
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Wiggle eyes or eye stickers

*Purchase a paint dabber or make a paint dapper by cutting an old sponge into an ~1 inch circle. Clip a clothes pin on for a handle, if desired.

Cut the brown paper into strips for tree trunks. Glue to the black paper. Have the strips all go more or less in the same direction but not in rows.

Use the paint dabber to paint green leaves on the upper half of the tree trunks.

Add a few pairs of eyes peeking out around the bottom half of the tree trunks.


This program has been designed for you to share with your child. Read the material together, ask questions and encourage your child to ask questions. Then nurture their curious mind by doing the activities with them. Books included are available via CPL’s digital library (with a library card).