Star Burst

Did you know?
Triangles have three sides, quadrilaterals have four sides, pentagons have five sides and hexagons have six sides.


Make a Star Burst


  • Paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Colored pencils, 2 different colors

Draw two dots in the center of the paper, about 3 inches apart. Label the dots A and B. Using the ruler, draw a line connecting the two dots.

Draw 15-20 more dots, scattered around the paper.

Using the ruler, connect each dot to the A dot and to the B dot.

Using the two colored pencils, color the spaces inside the star burst. Make some of the spaces a solid color, make different patterns in most of the spaces.


How many total triangles can you find in the design? Can you name the type of triangles? What are the other shapes within the star burst? Can you find any quadrilaterals, pentagons, or hexagons?



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