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POLICY #1016

PURPOSE: To establish guidelines and regular procedures for receipt management and disposition of funds or other properties received by Chesapeake Public Library (CPL) as gifts.


Chesapeake Public Library (CPL) accepts donations of books, DVDs, records, music CDs and other materials from individuals and organizations. Donated materials should be free of damage, mold, mildew, strong odors, bugs and be in good physical condition.

Once accepted, donated materials become the property of CPL, and are not returnable. Donations may be added to the collection or given to Friends of the Library to further support the Library’s mission. The Library reserves the right to dispose of items unfit for use, sale or donation to partner organizations.

Donated materials can be dropped off at any CPL location during regularly scheduled hours. Donors should make arrangements for large donations prior to arrival and provide individuals necessary to unload donations.

A donation to the public library is tax deductible. For donor records, a Donation Tax Receipt is offered. The IRS code (see IRS Publication 561) places responsibility for estimating fair market value upon the donor.

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