POLICY #1023

PURPOSE: To ensure Chesapeake Public Library users have equitable opportunity to connect and engage within the library’s physical spaces.


  1. Library sponsored events are given first priority in the use of library spaces.
  2. A library card is required in order to reserve a room at the library. Traditional cards are required for meeting and conference room reservations.
  3. The Library does not provide setup or housekeeping services. Organizations, groups or individuals using library spaces are responsible for returning the room to its original furniture arrangement and cleanliness condition. A dumpster is provided at all locations for disposal of trash. A vacuum cleaner is available at all locations for use in cleaning floors, if needed. Rooms must be cleaned and cleared 15 minutes prior to the closing of the library.
  4. Anyone using library spaces is expected to abide by the library’s Behavior Policy/Code of Conduct (#1005). Disruptive behavior on the part of anyone using library space, may result in immediate removal.
  5. The Library is not responsible for any personal belongings brought into the facility.
  6. Rooms are not available before the opening of the Library or after closing, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Library Manager.
  7. City and Library logos and branding cannot be used to convey support or sponsorship of private events. Library information can only be used for directional purposes.
  8. Groups may not exceed room’s authorized capacity.
  9. Responsible party must be onsite at all times during the reservation.
  10. Library staff reserve the right to inspect any library space at any time.
  11. Groups exceeding occupancy of any rooms will be asked to leave.

Study Rooms:

  1. Study rooms may be reserved at no charge up to 24 hours in advance. Library card holders may book up to 2 study rooms per day.
  2. Rooms will be held for 15 minutes after start of reservation.
  3. Rooms may be reserved for 2 hours. If no one is waiting 30 minutes prior to the end of the reservation, the room reservation may be extended up to 2 hour increments.
  4. Personal items left in a study room after a reservation has expired may be removed by library staff. Library staff are not responsible for items removed or left in rooms unattended. See Lost and Found Policy (#1030) for additional information.

Conference Rooms:

  1. Conference rooms may be reserved at no charge up to 180 days in advance with a valid traditional library card.
  2. Rooms will be held for 15 minutes after start of reservation. Customers may call or speak to staff in person to adjust start or end times for their reservation.
  3. No-shows who do not contact us to cancel will have future bookings cancelled. Bookings should be cancelled with 24 hours’ notice.
  4. Rooms may be reserved for up to 4 hours.

Meeting/Community Rooms:

  1. Rooms may be reserved up to 180 days in advance and are free to City, State and Federal entities as well as library sponsored events.
  2. Patrons must be 18 years of age or older to make a reservation with a valid traditional library card.
  3. Payments not made within 7 business days of request will be canceled. Reservations are not considered complete until payments are made.
  4. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to reservation date to receive refunds.
  5. Setup and cleanup activities must be completed within the reserved rental time period. Rooms must be cleaned and cleared 15 minutes prior to closing.
  6. Rentals that go beyond the end time will be charged additional fees.
  7. The rental applicant is responsible for obtaining all applicable and required licenses, consents and permits. Reservations that conflict with City of Chesapeake Code of Ordinances will be denied.
  8. Library staff will not take registration fees or sell tickets for non-library sponsored events. Staff are not responsible for providing information about non-library sponsored events.
  9. Meeting room behavior that disturbs other patrons within the library or fails to abide by the Library’s Behavior policy (#1005) may have their event immediately canceled. It is the responsibility of the rental applicant to ensure proper compliance to all rules and regulations.
  10. Library property may not be removed from any meeting/community room.

Room Décor and Housekeeping Regulations for all Library Spaces:

  1. Materials may not be stored in advance.
  2. No open flames are permitted at any time.
  3. No person shall paste, glue, tack or post any sign, placard, banner, advertisement or decorations on any wall or painted surface.
  4. All trash must be picked up and disposed of in trash bags. No trash should be left on the floor or countertops, and no food, drinks, ice bags or other items should be left in the refrigerator or cabinets.
  5. Wipe down tabletops, counters, chairs and appliances.
  6. Sweep and mop, if necessary.
  7. All décor and equipment that the Applicant or guests may bring in for the event must be removed from the premises by the end of the specified rental time.
  8. All cleanup must be completed during the time of rental and 15 minutes prior to library closing. Failure to satisfy all cleanup obligations may result in cancellation of future events or additional charges.
  9. Damage to library property or equipment, intentional or otherwise, including marks on tables, glitter, food or stains on carpets, paint removed through tape, etc. will result in the rental applicant being charged any and all repair fees.

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