Best Free Puzzle Websites

Word Puzzles

Best Crosswords

Visit daily for free crossword puzzles with a variety of themes. Solve puzzles online or print and use at your leisure.

New York Crossword

Play crossword puzzles from the New York Magazine online. Solve the current puzzle or visit the archives. Need help solving the puzzle? There are options to reveal a letter, word, or the whole puzzle. Solve the puzzle online or print it out if you prefer.

Boatload Puzzles - Crossword

Choose from thousands of free online crossword puzzles. Stumped? Click to reveal a letter or the whole word. Decide if you want the puzzle to show your errors as you type letters. Online keyboard option available.

Online Word Search

No frills on this site! Choose from more than 50 different categories with several games in each. Give up on the game? Click on the Solve tab to reveal all the words.

The Word Search

New games are added regularly to this site’s large variety of categories. Topics are fun and educational. Play online or print to solve later. Create your own word search with the Word Search Maker.

Logic/Cryptic Puzzles

Hanjie Star

Choose from thousands of hanjie/nonogram puzzles to play online. Rules and instructions on how to play are included. Register to create and share your own puzzles.


Solve a variety of nonograms and other logic puzzles in several sizes. New to logic puzzles? Watch a video tutorial. Puzzles can be solved online or print out a copy to complete later.

Rebus Number One

Solve a variety of rebus puzzles. Need help? Click on How to Solve a Rebus. Make your own using the free Rebus Generator. You can even learn the history of the rebus.

Helpful Games

Play multiple levels of sliding puzzles. Keep track of the number of moves and time to solve your puzzle. Instructions and hints for playing are included.

ProProfs Brain Game - Sliding

There are a multitude of colorful sliding block puzzles to solve on this entertaining site. Instructions and quick tips are provided, along with numbered tiles to assist you.

Number Puzzles

Hitori Puzzles

Take a break from Sudoku to play this numerical game with a twist. Use the video tutorial to get started. There are a variety of sizes and difficulty levels with options to print or play online.

Official Kakuro Website

Enjoy free unlimited online games of Kakuro. Choose the size and level of difficulty. Solving techniques are included along with a video tutorial. Access various versions of Sudoku as well.

Kakuro Conquest

Play these online numerical puzzles where the game boards are randomly generated. Difficulty levels range from beginner to expert. A tutorial is provided for those needing guidance.


Play these online numerical puzzles where the game boards are randomly generated. Difficulty levels range from beginner to expert. A tutorial is provided for those needing guidance.


Many Puzzles – Number Search

Works just like word search but look for numbers instead of words. Choose from three difficulty levels or create a customized board. There is also a great mix of other puzzles including crosswords, word search, hangman and all are printable.

New to Sudoku? Intimidated by the thought of playing it? No worries, this site contains tips for beginners. Choose from 4 levels of difficulty for this popular “brain” game.

No frills on this site! Play Sudoku with 4 levels of difficulty, from Easy to Very Hard. Click on the Help tab for assistance, including easy-to-learn keyboard shortcuts.

Samurai Sudoku

Play this variant of Sudoku, which consists of five overlapping grids. Try the current puzzle or search the archives containing five levels of difficulty. Decide if you want to use the timer or if you prefer, the puzzles are printable.

dkmGames – Samurai Sudoku

Play four levels of this challenging version of Sudoku which uses overlapping grids. Choose your preference for the gridlines, highlight, and number input colors.

Sudoku Puzzles Online

Expand your mind with several varieties of Sudokus. Over 60,000 puzzles to choose from including Chaos, Jigsaw and Tangled. Directions are provided for each type of game to be played online or printed.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Choose to solve a jigsaw puzzle from different themes, the number of pieces, and a variety of shapes. Try the Puzzle of the Day or challenge a friend with an email postcard.

Just Jigsaw Puzzles

Enjoy hours of fun choosing from thousands of jigsaw puzzles. Arrange the pieces while you play so they are not in your way. View the completed puzzle in a small window while you play. Save your progress and return later to finish a puzzle.

Explore this large collection of free online jigsaw puzzles. Feel free to change the number and shape of the pieces and use the fullscreen mode when you need more room to work the puzzle.

Puzzle Mix

Conceptis Puzzles

Fans of logic puzzles will enjoy the large variety of sizes and levels offered here. Stimulate your brain while having fun at the same time solving both Number logic and Picture Logic puzzles. Play online or print to solve the puzzles using paper and pencil.

ProfProfs Brain Games

Exercise your mind by playing a variety of puzzles and mind games. Puzzles available are word search, hangman, Rubik’s Cube, chess, and brain teasers.


Who says you can’t have fun and exercise your brain at the same time? Visit this site to choose from a large variety of puzzles, as well as card games, word games, and more. Enrich your critical thinking or problem solving skills.

Puzzle Baron

Make this your one-stop place for all your favorite puzzles. Choose from puzzles, word games, jigsaws, and much more. Simply click on the website of your choice.

Razzle Puzzles

Play a variety of free puzzle games, including cryptograms, tile games, or word search. Instructions are provided and there is an option for printing.

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